Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry Important

November 27th, 2018

When people see the word “cosmetic” in front of any field, they tend to think that it falls in the realm of vanity. They figure that the clientele tends to be celebrities, from movie stars to top entrepreneurs to musicians. So it can be understandable for you to ask – why is cosmetic dentistry important? It’s very important – people from all walks of life have benefited from it – from a youth sports player who had a tooth knocked out to a senior citizen getting his or her first pair of dentures. There are several reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry.

The first thing cosmetic dentistry can do is on the surface. Something like tooth-whitening can give a normally shy person a tremendous confidence boost. The same for dentures or implants. There’s no fear that the other person will be turned off by discolored teeth or gaps in their teeth or the sunken-in look that people who have lost teeth often have. Instead, they can feel comfortable smiling at the people around them… which can also lead to better success in things like work, dating, and friendships. There’s no putting a price on that kind of thing and the people that have had this would do it again time and time again.  

Secondly, there are aspects of cosmetic dentistry that can offer support and protection for existing damaged teeth – things like crowns and bonding. Rather than have to go a more expensive route with dentures or implants that would involve the removal of teeth, these can be put in to give the appearance of a whole tooth and allow people to eat and drink as normal as they would previously.

The third and last reason that it’s important is that it can completely change the quality of someone’s life.A person with dental implants can go back to enjoying how things were before they lost their teeth. They can eat the same foods and have the same beverages that they did in the past. They can also eat better than before without dentures, but some foods are off limits. Their face can fill out more if they had the sunk-in look.  There’s no way that happens without this procedure.

Besides viewing this as something that is superficial, another reason that people may not think cosmetic dentistry is important is because of what it costs. These sort of things can be very expensive, since the majority of insurance companies do not view these procedures as being essential, so they do not pay very much, or any of the cost. That said, people have to weigh the long-term benefits against the short-term costs.

Coastal Dental Group offers cosmetic dentistry and their staff will make sure that the entire process goes smoothly, from teeth whitening to dental bonding to veneers to dental implants.