Mistakes Patients Often Make Post-Visit/Surgery

December 28th, 2018

Oftentimes many people seem to think that their dental habits can go on hiatus after a dental visit and can resume before their next visit. Both dentists and hygienists have seen many examples of this over the years… and trust me… they are NOT fooled at all by this attempt at subterfuge. So, it’s easy to for them to spot the mistakes that their patients make after they’ve either had a cleaning or some sort of dental surgery. This is not to be construed as scolding. It’s just something that patients should be aware of so that they can have the best dental experience and also save time and money down the road.

The biggest mistake that they make is not following up with regular appointments afterwards. It may seem like they disappear into the ether, avoiding all attempts at communication, whether via phone or mail. This puts them at the biggest risk for not maintaining optimum oral health and can lead to a stressful visit down the road… which then may lead them to falling back down the rabbit hole. No, they must keep their regular twice/yearly visits and any post-surgery follow-ups. The results of not doing this can be disastrous.

Another problem is that they may not schedule the proper number of visits for any particular treatment. Yes, there are certain employers who frown on missed time and it can be hard for those who see a dentist that doesn’t have weekend hours, but the patient has to be flexible, as does the dental staff. The goal for all involved is to be able to work together to get the best oral health possible.

When it comes to post-surgery care, the patient must follow the instructions that the dentist or specialist gives them to the letter. There’s no wiggle room, especially when it comes to things like antibiotics. They have to take them as prescribed. Just because one’s jaw feels better early doesn’t mean that they can stop the antibiotics earlier – doing that increases the chances of an infection setting in… and then a whole new round of antibiotics or treatment might be needed.

They also need to adhere to the instructions when it comes to eating and drinking since there are foods and beverages that can do damage or get lodged into the empty spaces and possible case decay or infection down the road. Patients often feel like they can do what they want… and while there are times nothing bad will happen, why run the risk at all? Just wait until the allotted time is up and then start enjoying.

Of course, it’s vital to continue with good brushing and flossing habits throughout. That maintenance will help ensure that you have a smooth visit the next time that you go to the dentist.

Dr. Joseph Zicchino and the staff at Coastal Dental Group will work with you to ensure that you have the best experience possible when it comes to dental care and surgery. It’s important that you work with them, though.