Root Canals Are Safe

February 20th, 2019

Root canals are quite effective

Pain is likely due to tooth before procedure

Process is smooth and does not take long

Well, that tooth pain came out of nowhere. One can be sleeping soundly and then be jolted awake by a mouth that feels like someone is repeatedly jabbing something into their mouth in the same area. They go to the dentist and are told that they need a root canal, a term that makes makes them blanch like they heard the worst thing ever.

There may not even be any pain – dentists find dead teeth during checkups too – and those need to have the same thing done to it. This skepticism and outright fear of root canals is not warranted at all.

Here are several reasons why root canals are not dangerous:

The Pain is Before The Treatment

When recounting their nightmare experiences with root canals, they likely tend to gloss over the fact that the pain they felt was before they even sat in the dentist’s or specialist’s chair for the treatment. Whatever agony they may have felt was probably from the problem tooth. The procedure itself produces sensations akin to having a filling put in, and the area around the tooth is numbed down.

The Procedure Does Not Take a Long Time

Here’s where dental technology has helped. Most root canals can be done in a single session or two. What can take a bit of time is the restoration work. Everything is dependent on the state of the tooth, though. Teeth that are very decayed or infected will take more time, naturally. Also, if a specialist like an endodontist is needed, then that can tack on more time.

They Are Safe

People who are against root canals may point out research that says that it can leave bacteria that cause underlying effects like heart disease and cancer. Those results are from studies that are nearly 100 years old. Dental technology has vastly improved since then – and other studies have shown that even someone who has just had their.mouth cleaned had bacteria in it. A dentist or a specialist will use antibiotics to clean up any infection.

The Results Are Usually Long-Lasting

One may hear stories about something happening to the tooth post-root canal, like them biting down on something. If a tooth that’s had a root canal done on it breaks, it’s almost always because the restoration work was not up to par. A secure crown should protect the tooth almost indefinitely.

Ultimately, when one feels tooth pain, they should not try to tough it out to avoid hearing a possible diagnosis of a root canal. Waiting too long can be very dangerous since infections can move swiftly and do a lot of damage to a patient in both the short and long term. Recovery from one can be swift and they can resume everyday activities

Dr. Joseph Zicchino and the staff at Coastal Dental Group are experts at root canals and will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly for each patient and will handle any emergencies within 24 hours.