Spring Cleaning

April 4th, 2019

Early detection is important

Bad habits are hard to break

Getting a good base is important

It’s time for that annual ritual – Spring Cleaning. People look through their homes for junk that built up over the past year and either donate or dispose of it. They gain a sense of peace and a clearing of the mind by doing this. It also helps them prepare for the days leading up to summer. A clean home can lend a lot of focus and they can boost their spirits.

Cleaning their homes is not the only beneficial thing that they do during this period – many go outdoors to do things to aid their bodies, like exercise. This is an excellent chance for them to also go to the dentist for their twice-yearly cleaning and exam.

This could be seen as them Spring Cleaning their teeth. Doing this can help them maintain good habits that can carry them though until their fall appointment.

Spotting Gum Disease Early

People arrange to have physicals early in the Spring. Why? They may have been sedentary for much of the winter and want to make sure it’s safe to start exercising without worrying about adverse effects. The doctor may run tests to confirm that they are in good enough physical condition and that there’s no illness lurking.

A dentist’s office can serve the same function for patients, except it’s their oral health that is being checked upon. Hidden cavities can be found via X-rays. There’s a test for oral cancer and can very likely prevent any gum disease from progressing too far.

Dental Cleaning Can Provide A Good Base

People, especially those near the beach, like in Point Pleasant, who like to tan see Spring as a perfect time to start a base tan before the sun starts getting really strong and requiring sunscreen. A dermatologist visit is in order.

It’s possible to get a strong base with clean teeth. That’s a good thing since there are a lot of foods offered in the upcoming seasons that can cause teeth problems. Having healthy and strong teeth can help protect against possible damage and also tilt the odds towards a good second appointment in the fall.

Fixing Bad Habits

There’s another thing that is reborn year after year every Spring: Baseball. First, though, the players go to either Florida or Arizona to play exhibition games and do drills to make sure that their fundamentals are in place before the regular season starts and the games start to count in the standings.

Winter seems like it takes forever on the East Coast. The days are short but the nights seem so long. It’s cold and the temptation to go out is not very strong. So it can be easy for people to take shortcuts when it comes to brushing their teeth. They may skimp on the amount of time they take or skip flossing. To compensate they may actually brush harder but that can damage one’s enamel and irritate their gums. A dentist or hygienist can spot these and help

People can get into bad habits over the winter with their oral hygiene, like being too quick or using too hard strokes, which can wear down enamel. The dentist or hygienist can see this and they can remind the patient of the correct form, even demonstrating it on them and telling them the best toothbrush for their needs. After a bit of time, this can become natural for the patients too and that can then lead to a good appointment later on in the year.

By doing all of this, people can enjoy their time outdoors during the rest of Spring and Summer, whether it’s at the beach or at the park or hiking outdoors. They likely won’t be making emergency visits to the dentist.

The staff at Coastal Dental Group will gladly guide their patients through Spring Cleaning.