Dental Myths

July 16th, 2019

These are marvelous times in terms of technology. No more having to trudge to the library or look up things in possibly-outdated encyclopedias. Now people can go to the web on their phone and look up whatever they want on their favorite search engine. 

There’s a catch, though. Oftentimes the search engine may return many results… possibly numbering in the millions. There’s no real filter to distinguish truth from falsehood. One has to rely on their gut – and that’s not always correct.

That’s not to say that no safeguards exist – websites devoted to dispelling false information are out there. People just need to find them. The web has falsehoods on nearly every subject.Those myths can extend to the dentist’s office… and listening to them can be quite expensive. 

Here are some of those false statements and the truth:

Brush After Every Single Meal

There’s a reason that dentists only suggest brushing one’s teeth twice a day. Adding that third time might not do immediate damage, but over time, the enamel will wear down and possibly allow bacteria to attack the teeth. Just brush in the morning and evening, preferably with an electric toothbrush or a soft- or medium-bristled toothbrush.

People should also keep in mind what they last ate or drank. Was it something acidic like fruit or soda? They should wait half an hour before brushing, since their teeth will still be sensitive otherwise.

White Teeth That Are Pain-Free Are Fine

Being able to show a dazzling white smile doesn’t necessarily indicate stellar oral health. There could be things going on under the gumline or in the back of the mouth, where it’s hard to see. Only a trained dental professional will be able to spot any changes.

Sugar Is What Causes Cavities

Eating a lot of sugary foods and drinking sugary beverages do put people more at risk for cavities. It’s not the sugar itself that is the true cause – though it does play a part. There is bacteria in people’s mouths and the sugar is what feeds the bacteria. This is what can cause tooth decay, especially if one doesn’t brush their teeth often or monitor their plaque.

Ignoring a Cavity May Make It Go Away

This is not a case of being able to will something away. Once a cavity has formed, being diligent with brushing will not make it reverse itself. The cavity will stay there and even worsen because the bacteria that causes the cavity will still be there. 

The only solution here is for a dentist or a specialist to clean out the hole and then reseal it with a filling. Doing anything else will just be inviting trouble. 

The staff at Coastal Dental Group in Point Pleasant, NJ are well aware of these myths. They are well-equipped to gently guide their patients down the right path to oral health. Give them a call to make an appointment today: 732-714-1030.