Five Dental Problems and Their Solutions

September 27th, 2019

Taking care of one’s teeth is important. Here are some of the issues that could occur. Some of them are on the cosmetic side while others need immediate attention before worsening and possibly requiring major dental work.


This could be a sign of an abscess in the mouth. It’s not something that one should sit back and wait to see if it improves. Make a dental appointment and do this in the interim:

  • Floss – this will remove food particles that could be causing part of the issue
  • Gargle with warm salt water – this will kill bacteria and help prevent possible infection
  • Take a pain reliever – this will help make any ache tolerable though it is important to follow the directions

Chipped Teeth

This is one of the most common dental injuries out there. People can have their tooth chipped playing a sport or they can have it happen when they bite down on something like a popcorn kernel.

The dentist will be looking at the state of the tooth. If the chip has also put the pulp of the tooth at risk, then they will do a root canal and then put a protective crown over the tooth. If it’s a small chip, then they may bond it with resin and then sand it over to make it look natural.

Impacted Teeth

This doesn’t mean a tooth that got jammed in from an impact of some sort. It refers to an adult tooth that is not coming in properly. This is because the tooth is jammed up against another tooth. It may not bother some people and it can be left alone if that is the case. If it is hurting or uncomfortable, then it can be removed by an oral surgeon.

Stained Teeth

This situation can be caused by anything from what a patient eats or drinks to smoking. 

There are several options for this, depending on Joe quickly the patient wants to regain their white teeth. They can use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, which takes a longer time because of the lower amount of hydrogen peroxide. Whitening strips are another choice for somewhat faster results. Finally, they can go to the dentists’s office and have whitening gel applied or use customized mouthguard filled with gel. 


Dentists sometime find white marks on the teeth. These are pre-cavities and brushing can reverse it. Once the decay occurs though, it cannot be undone. If the cavity, which is brought about by the wearing down of enamel and then subsequent decay, is small, then the dentist may fill it. If it’s too large where a filling might crack the tooth, then a root canal and crown is in order.

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