Coastal Dental Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

October 31st, 2018

You find yourself missing a tooth or two… or more. Things can happen over the course of time – whether you’re older, had an injury or infection. Your dentist or specialist has said that you need to have something to fill the space. It’s time for you to weigh the merits of dental implants vs. dentures.

Yes, dentures can improve one’s smile and make it much easier for those with gaps in their mouth to talk with people again.They also help prevent that sunken-in look that people who have lost teeth have since the cheeks have no space to fill in. Dentures full up that space again. There’s a reason that they are still considered a very viable option to replace missing teeth. It’s just that they aren’t perfect and bring some inconvenience to the table. How so?

First of all, they can become loose in one’s mouth, which can lead to irritation, and if not fixed promptly, infection. That becomes problematic with eating too, since there are certain foods that one can’t eat when they wear dentures. Say goodbye to eating steak, which is a really chew-intensive meal, seeded foods like bread, popcorn, hard fruits and vegetables, and sticky foods like peanut butter, since those can wreak havoc on dentures .

Secondly, dentures require a lot more maintenance than implants. They must be thoroughly brushed at least once a day and soaked in a denture formula overnight. Failure to do either of these opens the risk of infection in the open sockets, since the dentures will not be sanitary. While it is only a few minutes of time each day, it’s still one more thing to remember and that can be a bit of a hassle.

Thirdly, dentures are breakable. It’s easy for a wire to become misaligned or for someone to accidentally drop the denture on the floor… with not-so-good results. Yes, fortunately many dental offices have in-house dental labs where the dentures can be re-created fairly quickly, but it’s still a loss of time. Also, dentures need to be replaced  every 5-7 years. That time can fly for many people.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are much more long-lasting. Once the dentist has inserted the titanium screws into the jaw area and allowed them to fuse with the bone mass and then screwed on the replacement tooth, it’s going to last up to 25 years. They act like normal teeth, too and stay in at all times. The patient eats, brushes, and flosses like normal every day.

While dental implants do have more positives than negatives over dentures, there are just some times where it’s not feasible to get them. For example, if a patient doesn’t have enough bone mass in the jaw and efforts at regeneration fails and mini-dental implants won’t work, then the patient may have to choose dentures. It can also be a matter of affordability, since dentures tend to be less expensive than implants – insurance will only cover a small portion of the cost, since they are considered cosmetic.

Coastal Dental Group, based in Point Pleasant, NJ, can do both dental implants and dentures, whatever is needed. Dr. Joseph Zicchino and his staff will work with patients to give them the best quality denture or implant and will provide whatever care is required afterwards.