What Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening?

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Every year, Coastal Dental helps countless patients in Point Pleasant, NJ achieve a brighter smile they can’t wait to show off.

We love seeing their reactions and hearing stories of their increased confidence. We want them, and you, to keep that confidence as long as possible, so we have outlined some of the best and worst things to eat and drink after getting your teeth whitened.

What Can I Eat After Getting My Teeth Whitened?

To get the most out of your teeth whitening treatment, you need to be conscious of what you eat and drink. Some foods and drinks can stain your teeth in just a couple of days, so it’s important to avoid these things whenever you can.

Why You Should Watch What You Eat and Drink After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

After you get your teeth whitened, you should watch what you eat and drink for a couple of reasons.

First, you want to get the most benefit out of your hard-earned money. Being careless with what you eat will cause your teeth to become stained much faster.

Next, your teeth will be sensitive to hot and cold for a day or two. Eating or drinking hot or cold food or drinks won’t be enjoyable, so try to avoid them if possible. If you prefer ice-cold beverages, use a straw.

Best Things to Eat After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

You don’t have to completely change your diet, but to maintain your white teeth, stick to the following foods.

Light Proteins: Chicken, Fish, & Tofu

These are some of the best proteins you can eat after your teeth are whitened. They’re also better for your health than heavy red meats! Just make sure you aren’t eating these proteins with anything that could stain your teeth.

Pasta & Rice

Rice and pasta are great meal options after teeth whitening. With pasta, stick to white sauces instead of red sauce or pesto, and try pairing it with chicken or fish. Rice is also perfectly fine to eat, as long as it isn’t paired with black or red beans.

Dairy: Yogurt, Cheese, and Eggs

Dairy products such as light colored cheeses, low-sugar yogurts, and eggs are all great for your diet post-teeth whitening. Avoid yogurts with a lot of artificial sugar or dark berries.

Worst Things to Eat After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Three things that contribute to your teeth becoming stained are high sugar content, high acidity, and dark pigmentation.

Foods and Drinks With High Sugar Content

We all know sugar can cause cavities, but did you know it can make your teeth prone to staining?

Because sugar helps bacteria multiply, tooth erosion can happen much quicker when you don’t clean your mouth after eating sweets. This erosion leads to your teeth getting stained easier.

When the bacteria in your mouth break down your teeth, it leaves microscopic pits that trap pigments from foods and drinks. These pits are hard to clean with a standard toothbrush, and as more and more of them get filled, your teeth get more and more yellow.

Foods and Drinks With High Acid Content

Similar to sugar, high acidity in foods and drinks contributes to your teeth becoming stained. Your teeth erode and pits form, but it’s not always sugar’s fault.

Sure, things like lemons and oranges have natural sugars that can cause bacteria to multiply, but not all acidic foods and drinks have a lot of sugar.

For example, vinaigrette dressings and carbonated water.

Vinaigrette has very little sugar, but most recipes have around 30% vinegar. The acidity in the vinegar can break down teeth and leave behind pigment trapping pits.

Similarly, the carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks can do the same – even if it has no sugar!

Food and Drinks With Dark Pigments

The same foods and drinks that can stain your clothes can stain your teeth. Think about blueberries, raspberries, red wine, and coffee.

Eating or drinking things like this should prompt brushing soon after.

We all have our guilty pleasures, so you don’t have to cut these foods out entirely, just be mindful that the more often you eat them, the quicker your teeth will begin to yellow.

What Can I Drink After Getting My Teeth Whitened?

As mentioned above, sugar, acid, and dark pigments will cause your bright smile to fade quickly.

Sugary and dark-colored drinks are easy to spot, but many people only associate acidic drinks with things like orange juice and lemonade. However, all carbonated drinks are acidiceven if it’s just sparkling water. This is because the CO2 in them drops the pH to an acidic range.

Here are some of the best and worst things you can drink after getting your teeth whitened.

Best Things to Drink After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Unfortunately, few drinks are ideal for maintaining a white smile. Although the ones good for your teeth are good for your entire body – it’s a win-win.

Some of the best options are:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Green tea

Worst Things to Drink After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

If you decide to treat yourself with one of the following drinks, use a straw when possible. This reduces the amount of liquid that comes into contact with the front teeth.

  • Dark Soda
  • Red Wine
  • Dark Tea
  • Coffee

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