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What to Expect for Your First Day of Invisalign
August 25, 2020

You’ve been waiting to straighten your smile for a long time and you’re eager to see the results! When the treatment is over, you will finally have the smile that you always wanted. You know about how the treatment works and you have all of the instructions that you need, but what exactly can you…read more

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?
August 21, 2020

If you’re one of the millions of Americans looking for a solution for their missing teeth, then you know that doing your research is important. You should know exactly what you’re getting and how it will help to restore your smile. One of the things you want to consider is how long a tooth replacement…read more

4 Ways Your Dentist Has Amped-Up Their Safety Procedures During COVID-19
March 21, 2020

In order to make sure that patients preserve the health of their teeth and gums, dentists around the country are opening their doors again. The primary difference between now and before is that they’re increasing their safety precautions in an effort to keep patients safe. This involves meeting and exceeding strict CDC sanitation guidelines. Read…read more