How Does Invisalign® Work?

Being a relatively new technology compared to braces, many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of using aligners to straighten teeth. Despite the skepticism of some, millions of people have trusted Invisalign® to correct their misalignments. But one large question still remains — how exactly does Invisalign®  work? Our Point Pleasant dentist is here to walk you through it! Dr. Zicchino, who has served Point Pleasant, NJ for almost two decades, uses the best technology available to ensure the aligners fit perfectly. All of us at Coastal Dental want all of our patients to be able to finish their Invisalign® treatment with the confident smile they deserve.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

There are a few different phases to Invisalign® treatment. From consultation to wearing your custom aligners, Dr. Zicchino and his staff will keep you informed every step of the way.

Consultation and Evaluation

As with most dental procedures or treatments, Invisalign® requires an initial consultation to evaluate each patient’s teeth. During this evaluation, Dr. Zicchino will see if any preliminary work needs to be performed to promote a safe and comfortable experience with Invisalign® Sometimes tooth restoration needs to be performed on weak or decaying teeth to ensure they don’t break or further decay during the straightening process. Dr. Zicchino will also check gum health and make sure there are no issues that would cause increased discomfort or infection down the road. Beginning to use Invisalign® aligners without fixing any of these issues would not only cause the experience to be very uncomfortable, but it would add to overall treatment time. A recovery period accompanies all of the procedures that fix these issues, so the alignment process would be pushed back.

3D Scan

We use a state-of-the-art scanner to render a 3D model of the patient’s mouth. Sometimes this is done on the initial visit and other times it requires a follow-up appointment. This method allows us to ensure a precise aligner fit for the best results and the most comfortable experience possible.

Get Your Custom Invisalign® Aligners

BPA-free plastic aligner trays will be custom-made based on the 3D model. Each patient receives a new set of trays every 2-3 weeks based on progress. Each new set of aligners will be slightly different to continue correcting the alignment of the patient’s teeth. After receiving your first set of aligners, we’ll make sure they fit properly and don’t cause any unnecessary discomfort. While you will feel some soreness at first, that’s completely normal! After ensuring they’re a perfect fit, your Invisalign® treatment officially starts! For the quickest results, the aligners must be worn the recommended 20-22 hours daily. You should only take them out when you eat, drink anything besides water, brush your teeth, or clean out the aligners. We’ll schedule regular dental visits with you every few weeks to check in on the progress of your teeth straightening and address any questions or concerns you may have.

How Well Does Invisalign Work?

In many cases, Invisalign® works better than traditional braces. Aligners tend to be less hassle than braces, and patients often achieve their desired alignment in a shorter period. Plus, no one will even notice you’re wearing them!

Does Invisalign Work For Everyone?

Invisalign® works for almost everyone, but it is not recommended for those who may not be able to keep up with the care required to maintain healthy teeth or patients who require severe correction. Patients should remove aligners when eating and drinking anything besides water to avoid breaking the trays. Besides breaking, not removing them to eat and drink could result in debris or liquid getting trapped between the aligning trays and the patient’s teeth causing stains or even cavities. For this same reason, it is important to clean aligners and teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste before putting them back in. If proper maintenance cannot be sustained throughout treatment, Invisalign® is not recommended.

How Long Does It Take Invisalign To Work?

The timeline for Invisalign® treatment varies from person to person but typically takes between six months and two years. The primary variables that affect how long Invisalign® takes to get desirable results include how diligently the aligners are worn, the severity of teeth misalignment, and age.

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Some patients experience some discomfort during the alignment process, but this discomfort is usually just gum soreness or gum tenderness, which is normal. Compared to braces, there’s much less pain associated with Invisalign®, as you don’t have the potential for metal wires and brackets to irritate and poke the inside of your mouth. Severe pain is extremely rare and should be reported to Dr. Zicchino if it persists after the first day of getting a new aligner.

Invisalign In Point Pleasant, NJ

Millions of people worldwide have put their trust in Invisalign® to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly in a much more comfortable way than braces. Schedule a consultation appointment today, and start your journey to a more confident smile.

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