How Long Does it Take To Get Used to Invisalign®?

Dentist placing Invisalign aligner onto a lower dental arch model In recent years, Invisalign® has taken the market by storm. Clear aligners have revolutionized the tooth straightening process. Invisalign® is a great option for patients who want a straighter smile, but don’t have severe alignment issues that require braces to fix. While Invisalign® is considered much less painful than braces, a lot of patients want to know how long it takes to get used to Invisalign® aligners. Our experienced dentist in Point Pleasant is here to answer all of your questions!

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Invisalign®?

Everyone’s experience is different, but on average, it takes about two weeks to get used to wearing Invisalign® aligners. The initial couple of weeks are typically the worst part as your teeth start moving to new positions. Plus, it can feel a bit awkward to talk at first, since you aren’t used to wearing clear aligners yet. Despite any discomfort, it’s important to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. You should only remove them to eat or clean your teeth. Not only is this important for your treatment plan, but it also helps you get used to them quickler.

Getting Used to New Aligner Trays

The Invisalign® process involves getting new aligners about every two weeks. This timeline varies for each individual patient, but there will be a slight adjustment period with new aligners. When you receive new aligners to continue the straightening process, they typically only require a few days to adjust.

Does Invisalign® Hurt?

Most people experience some soreness, tenderness, and discomfort. These complaints are generally isolated to the first few days of initially getting Invisalign®. Invisalign® treatment is almost always less painful than traditional braces. Instead of metal and wires poking the insides of your mouth with braces, all you have to put up with are clear retainers. (As a bonus, Invisalign® often works faster than braces!)

How to Get Teeth to Stop Hurting With Invisalign®

While pain is uncommon, you may experience some discomfort and soreness in your gums. To ease this, you can take over-the-counter pain medicine such as ibuprofen. If pain is unbearable for more than three days, contact our office to schedule an appointment. It’s important that you don’t stop wearing your aligners if you’re feeling a bit of pain. Negative progress will occur, and your treatment time will take longer. Plus, it could affect the retainers needed if your teeth started shifting back to their original positions.

How Often Are Invisalign® Aligners Changed?

Patients get new Invisalign® aligners every one to two weeks. The time between new trays depends on how much correction is needed and the rate at which your teeth are moving. Progression varies from person to person, but wearing your aligners as directed will give you the quickest alignment possible.

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